Teeth Extractions

Dentistry aims to preserve the health and beauty of your natural teeth. But in some cases, extractions are inevitable. At Dental Arts, it is our priority to ensure that you are comfortable before, during and after your tooth extraction procedure. Extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the jaw bone.

Teeth may need to be removed for a variety of reasons such as trauma, decay or disease. Extractions are generally performed under the effect of local anesthesia. The jawbone, gums, and the tooth to be extracted are numbed so that you only feel pressure but no pain while the tooth is being pulled out. Some teeth need to be sectioned and pulled out in parts to aid easier removal. This is generally done for those teeth which have curved roots or are firmly anchored in the socket.

It is normal to experience some changes in your mouth post undergoing a tooth extraction.

We will give you detailed instruction on post-op care. Below are some guidelines to prevent complications, healing and ensure post-procedural comfort.

  • The effect of the anesthetic administered during the extraction procedure lasts for a few hours. During this time, take extra care to ensure that you don’t bite your lip, cheek or tongue as it could cause injury.
  • It is common for some bleeding to occur after the procedure. A gauze pack will be placed at the extraction site to control bleeding, which should be left on for about 45 minutes to let a clot form. Do not chew on the gauze. The bleeding should stop after some time. If it doesn’t, please contact our office immediately.
  • Avoid vigorous rinsing of the mouth or drinking with a straw as it could dislodge the clot and delay the healing process.
  • Use a cold compress to get rid of swelling
  • If you experience vomiting, nausea, fever, severe pain, uncontrolled bleeding or any other unusual symptoms, contact our office immediately.

For more information about tooth extractions, please call our office at (414) 214-0866.

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"I can not thank the staff at Dental Arts Associates enough for their immediate help last night and again today. Dr Zak Rosen is funny, down to earth and just awesome. I will be switching to them for all my work, even through they are out of network. The office was immaculate, have new equipment and they are all just great. Thanks again Dr Zak!"


"I was in the market for a new dentist (actually I really liked my old dentist, but the organization had too many flaws so I left) and Dental Arts was recommended to me. I'm so glad I took the recommendation. Dental Arts does a lot of the little things that make the experience as best as it can be. I always get greeted and seen quickly upon my arrival. The work that Dr. Zach has done on me has been efficient and done really well, and he's always sharing the things I need to know and will answer any questions. If I had anything to gripe about it would be that sometimes the front desk will ask questions or explain things in very technical terms, which can be confusing. Many of us aren't in the field so we need things explain in more laymen's terms. This is simply something I noticed, but I will continue to be a patient here for the long run. Highly recommended!"


"I had a very good experience today. I am very afraid when it comes to dentist and pain. I felt do pain whatsoever. I would recommend Dental Arts to anyone. Most of my family comes here also. All I can say is Great Job!!!"

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