What to Expect When Getting Straighter Teeth in Six Months? – Wauwatosa, WI

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Patients who are aiming to look and feel good about their smiles may have stumbled upon a procedure that is said to straighten the teeth in just six months. Hearing this may make them doubtful since it sounds too good to be true. It may be due to the traditional orthodontic treatment that is said to take up to two years or more to straighten the teeth. Believe it or not, perfectly aligned teeth are attainable in more or less than six months with Six Month Smiles!


Girl with straight teeth


What is Six Month Smiles?

It is a type of orthodontic treatment that is specially designed to be worn for only a short amount of time. The appliance also uses metal brackets and wires, but they are now more appealing since the material used are tooth-colored. Patients may be wondering, “why does it work much faster than other options?”. It is because the treatment is focused only on the teeth that are shown most of the time.


The process involved when getting Six Month Smiles

  • It starts with an initial consultation for the patient to know if getting the orthodontic treatment is suitable for their needs and condition.
  • During the consultation, the dentist would take photographs and x-rays of the teeth to know the current positions. It is best if the patient would also share their thoughts of how they want their smiles improved.
  • If both parties give a go to proceed with the treatment, impressions would be taken and sent to the Six Month Smiles laboratory for the custom creation of the template.
  • In two to four weeks, the patient is expected to return for the fitting of the oral appliance.
  • A transparent dental adhesive will be used to make sure that the appearance of its placement will not defeat the purpose of using tooth-colored materials.
  • In a week or so after wearing Six Month Smiles, irritation will be quite common due to the mouth’s adjustment with the oral device.
  • After a few weeks, noticeable changes on the teeth are to be expected.
  • Visits every five to six weeks is necessary for adjustments, and for the dentist to check the progress of the orthodontic procedure.

At Dental Arts, we want to help our patients improve the look of their teeth without the need of enduring the usual hassles associated with traditional treatments. For teeth straightening, we encourage our patients to schedule an initial consultation for them to know their candidacy for the procedure.

Bring out your best smile with Six Month Smiles in Wauwatosa, WI, book your appointments with Dental Arts! Call us to experience an outstanding treatment in making your teeth straighter, beautiful and healthy!