The Real Reason Behind Teeth Extractions in Wauwatosa, WI

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When your teeth have faced damages of any kind – be it a fracture, chips, cracks, or any other form of dental disease, they could cause serious trauma to just your dental health and dental aesthetics, but also your overall health. If things go wrong, your dental care provider will start by fixing those issues with the help of dental fillings, dental crowns, and bridges, etc. However, when the damage is beyond repair or for any other similar reason in which the original condition of your teeth cannot be reversed, teeth extractions will be necessary. If the tooth is not removed from the socket of its bone structure, it could have fatalities over your health.

There are two major ways in which teeth extractions happen- simple and surgical.

The simple teeth extractions procedure is performed by loosening the tooth that needs extractions with the help of a dental equipment (elevator). Once the tooth is loose, the dental care providers are going to take help of forceps to remove them. Whereas the surgical teeth extractions is a rather complex one, regarding performance. This procedure usually happens when the tooth has been broken on/at the gums of a person or has not been developed out of the gums in the mouth. The dental care provider is going to make an incision of a small length and will go forward to remove the tooth surgically. This process is thus of an invasive nature and is performed on broken teeth, or wisdom teeth.

The teeth extractions are an important part of dentistry procedures and are performed because of various reasons:

  • A person who possesses crowded teeth may need to take help of the extraction procedures to align their teeth. A proper alignment of teeth in one’s mouth will ensure that all of your teeth get equal attention during your oral health regimen and no teeth is an “extra” one which could hamper the dental health of other teeth and dental aesthetics.
  • In some growing children who are still developing their teeth, there might occur a situation where because of the presence of the milk teeth, the new and adult ones are not erupting out. So to make room for such permanent teeth, teeth extractions are necessary.
  • If there happens to be an infection in a person’s mouth, it could damage the teeth and the dental aesthetics in numerous ways. If the infection spreads to the pulp tissues of the teeth, the teeth extractions surgery will become essential to make sure that no damage is caused to both- your dental health and your overall health.
  • There might be some people who are undergoing some transplants or chemotherapy, or overall their immune system is not healthy enough, and therefore even a slight infection in their dental aesthetics could cause life-threatening situations for them. Therefore teeth extractions are necessary.
  • The periodontal diseases no matter at what stage, are harmful. But at the third stage, they could cause major damage to your gum tissues and your dental bone structures, this can lead to loosened teeth, and hence it becomes important to remove them.

Teeth extractions, no matter how painful they sound are important in numerous ways. Consult the best dentist in Wauwatosa WI, and get your teeth extractions appointment. Call us – (414) 214-0866. Or visit us – 11600 W North Ave Wauwatosa, WI 53226.