The Importance of Scaling and Root Planing

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At first, it will start with a little bleeding while flossing. After that, the gums will become red and swollen. You might feel a little bit of tenderness as well. These are the very first signs of the earliest stage of gum disease: gingivitis. If this disease is caught early, it is easily treatable. However, leaving it untreated causes bad breath, a terrible taste in your mouth, receding gums and loose teeth—the signs that the gum disease has advanced. A procedure called scaling and root planing may be recommended by your dentist by treat this condition. 

root scaling

Defining scaling and root planing

Scaling and root planing is a dental procedure that provides a greatly detailed cleaning of the teeth. Scaling will be done on the surface of your teeth; this is often done with a metal dental tool. Meanwhile, some clinics use an ultrasonic tool instead. Root planing is performed under the surface of the gums close to the root. This smoothens the surface and reduces the inflammation of the gums. 

Why is this a necessary procedure?

This procedure gets rid of plaque 

Despite regular brushing, plaque can still remain on your teeth. Plaque can harden and push on your gums—causing inflammation and after some time, infection. The procedure behind scaling and root planing can remove even the most stubborn plaque, reducing the inflammation. 

This procedure prevents further gum damage

Parts of your mouth and even your body are at risk when gum disease goes beyond gingivitis. Once it progresses, your teeth could become infected, and you might lose them. Even the jawbone could begin to deteriorate. With the help of scaling and root planing, the healing process begins.

The severity of surgery is reduced

Once gum disease has passed into periodontitis, surgery may be required as a treatment to remove the infection. Your dentist will perform scaling and root planing before the surgical procedure to lessen the severity of the surgery. 

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