The Denture’s “How-To” in Wauwatosa, WI

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People are usually defined by their smiles. It is the small curve in the face that makes them appear more professional, capable, and friendly. So when their pearly whites are compromised, they often end up living a poor quality of life – unless they get a dental restoration device. Dentures, being one of the oldest teeth replacements, are the most sought-after oral appliance of patients suffering from tooth loss. Here at Dental Arts, everyone is welcome to have their lost teeth replaced with dentures.

To those who are not yet familiar with dentures, these are prostheses made up of fake teeth and gum-colored base. Porcelain or hard resin is utilized to fabricate the pontics while the base that holds them is made out of flexible polymer material. The oral device is removable which make it easier for patients to clean their mouth and the appliance itself. Speaking of cleaning, here are the ways on how you can keep your dentures looking great for many years.




How to clean your dentures?


Remove the oral device after eating. Once out of the mouth, rinse it with water to clear out some food debris. Your denture is breakable like the real teeth, that said, you may need to be extra careful when cleaning it. Place a towel in the sink. The cloth will serve as a cushion that will protect the denture against the possible damage when dropped.


Loosening the food particles through rinsing is not enough. Think of your dentures as your natural teeth that also needs a brushing session. Also, take note that you should not clean your fake teeth using a denture cleanser while they are inside your mouth. The product contains properties that may be harmful when swallowed or when it comes in contact with the oral structures.


A dry denture is a no-no. Keep the appliance moist by leaving it in a soaking solution overnight. Moistening dentures means keeping their shape intact. You may ask the dentist regarding the products to be used as well as some additional instructions.


How to maintain a fresh breath while wearing dentures?

One of the worries of people when getting dentures is that they are sometimes afraid to suffer from bad breath because of the oral device. Is it true that dentures cause oral malodor? It may or may not be correct. But doesn’t it always pay to take preventive measures? That said, here are some tips on how to keep a fresher breath even with a dental appliance on.

  • Make use of denture adhesive to avoid trapping the food residues underneath the oral device.
  • Remove dentures when sleeping.
  • Follow the cleaning tips mentioned above.


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