Teeth Whitening in Wauwatosa, WI: Keeping It Bright!

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Is having a white smile on your checklist? You’ve got two options! When it comes to teeth whitening, people can either opt for in-office treatments or the famous over-the-counter kits. Whatever you select, both use the same bleaching agents. The difference is the amount of hydrogen peroxide content in each product. Those who prefer to whiten their teeth professionally can get 15 to 43 percent of the main whitening ingredient while OTC alternatives only contain 3% to 20% of it. What will you choose then? You decide! But we at Dental Arts highly recommend professional teeth whitening if you want real, dramatic changes with your smile.

Professional teeth whitening allows patients to embrace a new, bright smile in an instant as the bleaching solutions offer a much stronger concentration compared to at-home options. Moreover, a dental professional also utilizes additional equipment to quicken the whitening process. It will only take several minutes of in-office visits for patients to achieve three to eight shades brighter pearly-whites!


Teeth Whitening


Secrets to keeping your smile white

After investing in a teeth whitening procedure at the dentist, you might probably want to lengthen the lifespan of your newly treated pearly-whites! Here are some ways:

  • Do not let stains reside on your white smile again! Use a straw when drinking pigmented juices and other beverages.
  • Always maintain your daily brushing and flossing routine. Proper oral hygiene plays an essential role in keeping the smile and overall oral health in excellent shape.
  • Electric-powered toothbrushes can work best when it comes to eliminating bacterias and food debris that might dull the sparkle of your smile.
  • Eating certain colorful foods may also lead to discoloration. Be considerate enough by choosing the right snacks to consume. How about a white diet?
  • Get away from acidic and tannin-rich refreshments like sports drinks, sodas, coffee, and red wine as well.
  • Professional teeth whitening can treat many forms of teeth discolorations. If you have yellow teeth, you can benefit most from the treatment.

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