Orthodontic Retainers In Wauwatosa

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Orthodontic treatments are focused on the alignment of the teeth and in fixing several dental conditions like malocclusions, misshapen, and badly formed teeth. It works by placing oral appliances that can correct the form and position of the teeth gradually. If the duration of the treatment is completed retainers would then be placed to prevent the teeth from shifting back to their old position. Dental Arts provides different types of Orthodontic Retainers which can help in the proper positioning of the teeth after braces or aligners.


What is a Retainer?

A Retainer is a custom-made dental appliance made with transparent plastic wires that hold the teeth in position after alignment procedures or surgeries. Once the treatment with the use of braces or clear aligners is finished, there is still a tendency for the teeth to shift back to its old position. With the use of retainers, it can help the teeth to adapt the changes.

Types of Retainers in Dental Arts

Hawley Retainer

It is the type of retainer that is made up of a metal wire that is shaped like an arch that surrounds six anterior teeth to keep them in place. It is anchored in an acrylic arch that is located in the palate. Hawley retainer can be adjusted if needed for the finalization of the treatment.

Benefits of Hawley Retainer

  • There are various designs to choose from that fits the patient’s style.
  • It is adjustable which can further refine the alignment of the teeth.
  • It can correct forward crossbite.


It is a retainer that is entirely made of plastic that can be either fixed or removable. Patients who are concerned by the appearance of the wires can benefit from Essix retainers since it is virtually invisible. It can also promote good hygiene practice since the retainer can be removed to brush and floss without it getting in the way.

Benefits of Essix Retainer

  • Provides a discrete appearance when worn.
  • It does not interfere with Oral hygiene since it is removable.
  • It can prevent any minor tooth movements.
  • Protection of the teeth while sleeping.

Fixed Retainers

The retainer is made of thin stainless wire that is permanently bonded to the back teeth. Since the retainer is practically invisible, they are comfortable to wear, and it can keep your teeth straight without any extra effort.

Benefits Fixed Retainer

  • It can stay in your mouth 24/7 without causing any discomfort.
  • Teeth can continuously stay in position.
  • No one will notice that you are wearing one due to its position at the back of the teeth.

Orthodontic retainers can help you maintain healthier and straighter teeth longer. Practice good dental hygiene by making sure that there won’t be any food particles that are left stuck in between the teeth as and the retainers to avoid the development of acids that can harm your overall dental health.

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