Oral Cancer: True or False? – Wauwatosa, WI

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The health is the most precious possession anyone can have. It is the key that keeps everyone going. Money, intelligence, and beauty can bring a person to a higher level, but it is the health that fuels them to achieve their goals and aspirations.

It is true for some celebrities like Catherine Bell and Mary Murphy who, despite fame and glamour, became a victim of the devastating oral cancer.

Oral cancer is a fatal mouth disease. We at Dental Arts of Wauwatosa believes that prevention matters. Many suffered from life-threatening diseases because they refused to undergo early detection. Oral Cancer Screening with us will help patients detect signs of mouth disease, if there is any, and receive an appropriate treatment possible.


Oral Cancer Screenings


Breaking Myths About Oral Cancer

Misconceptions are normal; even oral cancer cannot get away with it. To debunk the myths about the disease, here are facts about it.

False: “The case of oral cancer is infrequent or rare.”

True: According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, the occurrence of the condition in the U.S are more frequent than cervix cancer. In fact, it ranked top six among the other type of cancers in the world.

False: “The disease is only for old people.”

True: Because sexually transmitted diseases are linked to oral cancer, it is possible for young people to accumulate the condition.

False: “Since oral cancer is inevitable, no one can protect themselves from it.”

True: Through practicing healthy lifestyle like ditching excessive alcohol intake, smoking, and eating more fruits and vegetables, one can always lower their risk of getting the disease. Also, it is important to observe safe sex and limit sun exposure.

“Health is wealth.” Stop oral cancer before it spreads. Your Dental Arts of Wauwatosa team is here to help!


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