How Do You Know If You Need Root Canal Treatment, Wauwatosa

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Sometimes a tooth gets damaged or infected. However, it is not in such a bad state that it has to be extracted. It is in such a state that it can be restored. This check-up has to be done by a professional dentist. This restoration is done via the means of root canal therapy or endodontic treatment. The outermost layer of the tooth is called the enamel. The one inner to it is the dentine. The one inner to this as well is the pulp cavity. This is made up of blood vessels, nerves and cellular matter. During root canal therapy, this matter is cleared out. The cavity is then disinfected. It is filled up with a substance like a gutta percha. This pulp chamber is then cemented away from the outside world. A dental cap or crown may be placed atop the cavity to function as the tooth which the world sees. Hence, a person may get a brand new tooth in this manner.

What is the difference between root canal therapy, dentures, and dental implants?

In the case of dental implants, the teeth of the person have to be extracted out. They are replaced by a new set of teeth which are the implants. Each implant constitutes a titanium screw which is drilled into the jaw bone. The jaw bone grows around it naturally. In a matter of three to four months, the implant becomes firm in its place. It is then covered up from the top by placement of a dental crown or cap. It is thus a permanent structure in the jaw bone. Dental implants make the smile and manner of eating and talking of a person look alike what it is with original teeth. These mannerisms of the person do not change with implants.

This is not so the case with dentures. Dentures alter the facial appearance of the person at least by a bit. Also, dental implants may last the entire lifetime of a person if they are cared for properly. Dentures last for only five to seven years. They may become loose or ill-fitting with time. Thus, they need to be changed. Temporary dentures also are not permanent. They have to be taken out at night and placed in a container with cleansing liquid. A cleansing tablet has to be added to the cleaning liquid. This liquid can also be used for brushing the dentures. The dentures can be brushed with a toothpaste meant for this purpose as well. Dentures should be taken to the dentist for professional cleaning now and then. Likewise, minor adjustments are required to be made to the dental implants also on a regular basis. Dental implant treatment may prove expensive to start with. However, it is something which may last forever. Dentures, in the short run, are more cost-effective. Nonetheless, they need to be changed after a while. Thus the overall treatment is not all that cost-effective.

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