How Bone Grafting Impacts Dental Health

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Losing teeth comes hand in hand with bone loss. Bone loss to the jaw changes the structure of the mouth and makes a face sag, resulting in a person to appear older than they actually are. Progressive bone loss affects the mouth by decreasing gum tissue and limiting the options for tooth implants. As the years go by, bone loss will significantly alter a person’s appearance. The lack of confidence and the inability to smile follows suit. Fortunately, here at Dental Arts, we offer Bone Grafting procedure to stimulate bone growth. Once the graft is placed immediately on the site of extraction, excessive bone loss can be prevented and dental implants can be placed on this site.

Bone Grafting

The science behind bone grafting

Bone grafts are derived from four viable sources: the patient themselves, tissue from a human donor, tissue from animals or synthetic materials. The graft functions as a platform where new bone can form. Once the bone has formed, it will replace the graft material. The dentist may use collagen membranes or other synthetic materials to interact with the body’s biological molecules to promote healing; the body will soon absorb these substances. The source of the graft will depend on the dentist’s assessment on which will work best for the patient. 

Different facts about bone grafting

Various bone grafting procedures vary on the dental problems they target to solve. Here are some fun facts regarding bone grafting: 

  • For the grafting procedure, the bone used can be removed from the patient’s own body by the oral surgeon. Options like using cow bones or human cadaver are also available to perform a bone graft.
  • Bone grafting is usually performed using local anesthesia to help the patient relax and stay calm during the whole procedure. 
  • Bone grafting comes with a high success rate. Unlike organ transplants, bone grafts will not be rejected by the human body. 

Bone loss does not only affect dental health; it affects a person’s appearance as well. If you have this problem, we at Dental Arts offer Bone Grafting in Wauwatosa, WI to stimulate bone growth. We are located at 11600 W. North Ave., Wauwatosa, WI 53226.