Everything You Need to Know About Bone Grafting in Wauwatosa

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The Dental Arts Associates of Wauwatosa, 53226, under the leadership of Dr. Richard Rosen and Dr. Zachary Rosen, has been treating dental issues for more than three decades. We as a team of professionals are dedicated to providing you with the most efficient dental services, with new and innovative ways, yet keeping alive the traditionality of dental care. No matter what your needs, our team is committed to providing you with the friendliest and home like advice with a very hospitable environment.

Our surgical techniques are famous in all of Wauwatosa. Moreover, we have successfully established a name for ourselves and a standard for others in the dental care industry. We aspire to educate all of our patients and would-be patients, every time they visit us. We perform various surgeries at our clinic in Wauwatosa both simple and complex. One of them is our famous Bone Grafting surgery.

Due to the development of the bone cells of our body, our bones are constantly remodeling themselves. Sometimes certain bone cells around our teeth are lost and are not able to regenerate. This might happen due to low levels of oral health. Furthermore, this causes our facial features to sag. The bone grafting treatment is offered at our clinic in Wauwatosa to help the bone to regenerate.

Bone grafting is a minor surgery, unlike its name that suggests it is a complex and a hefty surgery. For this, an incision in the gum is made. This incision is made so that we can have access to the bone present right below it. A graft of bone is then added there, which can be taken either from your own body or it can be made out of a synthetic bone material.

The surgery can be performed by providing local anesthesia. It might happen that you still might be able to feel the surgery and the incision. In this case, added levels of anesthesia in the form of oral or IV sedatives can be given to you, for your further relaxation. You might experience soreness in your gums and the area where the surgery happened for a couple of days.

But why is a bone grafting necessary?

Due to several oral diseases, like the periodontal disease, the risk of losing teeth becomes very high, as they tend to get lost. Bone grafting can help regenerate the bone around then, and it can help you in not losing the tooth.

If people have gone for tooth extraction surgeries in the past, it might have happened that there is a bone loss due to that. Bone grafting is done in cases of tooth extractions so that if a person decides to get dental implants later in their place, it is easier for them to get those. Implants will need a bone to hold them in place, and bone grafting can help regenerate the bone to hold the implants in place.

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